Lotus is Professional Eurasia Producer and Exporter in Packaging for Retail Stores and Diverse Institutions.

Lotus had been many years acting as the biggest manufacturer and exporter from Vietnam for Plastics Packaging Products. The company has built an outstanding reputation for excellence, integrity and Innovation for the last 25 years.

Lotus is using the most efficient material and innovative technologies at our production to provide our customers state of the art, competitive, appropriate solutions according to their needs and requirements. We supply paper bags, plastics bags, reusable bags with attractive printings and functions, boxes…. We supply the right products at the right price.

Through our location in Vietnam and Germany, our team offers “sleepless” service around the globe to our customers, providing solutions to our customers’ logical and practical constrains. Our management team, “the best of two worlds”, has experiences, flexibility and cultural attitude in adapting to our customers’ ever-changing business needs.


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