New TRK/C/Sy/U 2500 cutting machine

New TRK/C/Sy/U 2500 cutting machine

Sica is aware of its technological know-how and its thirty-year experience in the field of the automatic cutting process of plastic pipes. The company has increased its range of planetary saws for HD-PE pipes with big diameters and high thickened walls that haul pressure fluids, introducing the new TRK/C 2500, completing the other model range with high dimensions such as TRK/C 2000 and TRK/D 2000 (specific for corrugated pipes); these are long since installed in extrusion lines and work full time.

The new machine has been specifically designed and assembled for cutting PE pipes from OD 710mm to OD 2540 mm (100’’), in extrusion line, without material removal, that is typical of the classic cutting system with toothed disc; in this way, it completely avoids all the problems and the heavy inconveniences that depend on the production of chips and dust and on their consequent collection and management.

In facts, TRK/C 2500 cuts with circular idler blade and has got specific tools that modify the operative conditions of the working process, without penalizing the energy consumption or the overall dimensions.
The new system that controls the cutting process makes the action of the machine more indifferent to the status of the pipe (ovality, thickness inconstancy, working temperature, etc.) and grants a superior cutting quality, even if the pipe has shape anomalies.

The machine is equipped with universal pipe clamps that do not need reductions or ancillary units when the working diameter changes, but which automatically adapt to different diameters, granting a constant grip of the pipe and, consequently, a high quality of the realized cut.

The cutting action is hydraulically realized so that the pipe can be easily penetrated, while the cutting unit movement is electric with automatic synchronization with the extrusion speed, configurable in accordance with the most updated and widespread wiring specifications.

Strong electomechanic supports - with automatic positioning depending on the working diameter, both incoming and exiting the machine - sustain in a rigid and constant way the entire range of pipes that the saw can manage.

The machine is characterized by high safety standard and easiness: perimetral protections with interlocked doors and anti-access systems with laser barriers and an advanced control system in PLC logic with graphic interface on a touch-screen display, for a rapid and intuitive management of the entire cutting process.

The new TRK/C 2500 represents the best technologic answer to the new exigencies in the market of HD-PE pipes with high thickness and very big diameters, mixing high performances and low energy consumptions, user-friendly process and versatility, operative safeness and attention to the environment that today are fundamental factors and that, for this reason, are present in all new Sica’s products.

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